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Excel / VBA

Microsoft Excel is very popular in business offices because out of the box, it is intuitive and leads to early productivity. Excel provides a powerful set of tools that are sophisticated enough for professional developers, yet easy to learn for new users. As an advanced Excel programmer, I have found that this is true, yet many people have begun projects and while quite pleased with the speed of development, often get tangled up in the intricacies of Excel and wished they could do more. Excel, when used within its limits is quite capable of creating powerful solutions that organize and share information among users. If you outgrow Excel, there is an easy path to upgrade your data to an Access or SQL Server database with all yo9ur existing Excel data preserved.

Microsoft Excel is a great choice. It is widely used and is the most popular spreadsheet package in the world. There used to be competitors to Excel, namely VisiCalc, Lotus 123, and Multiplan but the market was taken over by Excel some years ago. An excellent measure of the popularity of a platform is a walk through Barnes and Noble's technology section. Count the books (many) on Excel, then see if you can find one on any other spreadsheet product (you can't) Additionally, there are numerous resources on the internet for Excel, including tips, training, and tutorials.

Excel has VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) as its underlying programming code. However, there is much you can do without using VBA. Excel was designed so the beginner can make good use of it but at the same time it has enough power the serious developer.

As part of Microsoft Office, Excel is found at most office desks throughout the world. Considering that Microsoft Windows and Office dominate the Office productivity sector, it is not surprising to see Excel open on many PC's during any day. .

There have been many instances where, in my role as an advanced Excel programmer for clients in NH and MA, I have brought my skills to bear on existing projects. In all cases, this involves programming in Visual Basic (VBA) as "code-behind" to get the job done.

We provide business solutions using MS Excel. Consult for Excel programming, VBA, and Macros. I do Excel programming at an expert level making heavy use of VBA code. As an Excel programmer, I often use Automation to drive Excel from within MS Access or vice-versa. In the hands of a competent Excel programmer, the Excel Object Model allows this powerful technique. We also provide Excel help, Access help and Macro help. I am classified as an Excel programmer, Excel consultant, and Excel developer. If you are looking for an Excel expert programmer, you have come to the right place. So, if you need Excel programming or general support for Excel or just help with Excel, call Brightwork Solutions. Hire an Access Consultant. BWS provides full-service Access Consulting as well as Excel Support. We can provide remote Excel programming assistance using Go To Meeting. We use this every day to help business people meet their Excel programming needs. In addition, we can provide training so that you can extend your own Excal programming skills.

Microsoft Excel Programming

Microsoft Excel has been my exclusive spreadsheet development platform since 1994. This includes all versions: starting with Excel 2.0, Excel 95, Excel 97, Excel 2000, Excel 2002, Excel 2003, Excel 2007,Excel 2010, Excel 2013 and the current version--Excel 2016

To keep abreast of all the new power coming along in Excel, I am constantly studying books by the gurus like Bill Jelen (Mr Excel) and Rob Collie (one of the MS inventors of Power Pivot). THere is a tremendous amount of supporting websites and blogs that help me stay tuned.

Abstracts of my major projects follow

Leggat McCall Properties Boston,MA
Access Programmer

LMP delivers complex real estate projects as investors, project managers, and advisors. I developed an Access 2010 program that sends data into Excel where a variety of very wide, collapsible Pivot Tables including Slicers which were new in Excel 2010. In addition to the tracking of Projects, team members, and allocation of staff time, I developed an army of Pivot Table reports to.handle their large real estate projects. The project was later enhanced to include the use of Power Pivot technology.

Contact: Allison Nunn 617-820-2147 or Don Birch 617-422-7007

Costa Fruit and Produce Boston, MA
Excel Programmer / Access Programmer

Costa is the largest supplier of products to stores and restaurants in the Greater Boston area. I wrote a complex Costing programn in Excel/Access 2010 to replace an aging Wang application. It is very much like a Bill-of-materials task incorporating products at 3 to 4 levels of assembly, labor, waste, packaging, and even down to the label. All existing Excel data was saved and imported into the database. Also developed an Excel/Access solution called Perfect Order Initiative, that does extensive daily imports of Excel and ascii data.

Contact: Joe Walsh 617-912-8047

FPI Inc.(Jonathan Pond, LLC) Newton, MA
Excel Programmer;

Jonathan is a nationally known financial planner with close affiliations with AARP. For many years, his firm has produced a very substantial and complete set of financial reports and advice based on extensive questionnaires sent in by conference attendees as well as respondants to public TV presentations. Done in VB6 and Borland, the report generation became very slow compared to current technology, but more seriously was breaking down. They lost support from the prior programmer and I was called. On my advice, the firm purchased new hardware and the current version of Microsoft Office. I set them up with a LogMeIn connection so I could transfer editions of my work to their site frequently. This became a content management project with dependance on complex combinations of responses concerning age, family, investments, retirement plans, risk preference and many other items. In some cases one of 50 possible responses were determined to go into a particula report section. We made extensive use of the Excel Object Model to write data out to Excel spreadsheets in chart form.

Contact: Jonathan Pond 617-243-0020

State Street Bank Boston, MA
Excel Programmer/Developer

I offer continuing support for Melissa's HR project in Access 2003. Over the past several years, there there has arisen the need to change the way that the study of job functions are compensated. These calculations vary geographically as well as by country and salary band. Heavy mathematical internals prevail. Used Excel/Acccess integration.

Contact: Melissa Fleming 617-664-5464

Private Business Jets Hingham, MA
Excel Programmer/Developer
June 2007 - Now

This company arranges charter jet trips for high profile individuals and groups from corporation executives to rock stars. Their distinction is that they are able to draw on their ten years of experience in order to quote the requestor immediately on hearing the trip's specifications. Then, they solve by calling carriers of planes/private pilots they have used before, locating planes setting idle away from their base or with empty legs, and as a last resort hooking up a single leg via commercial jets.

Upon completion of this application and placing it into production, the client reported that it cut typical trip solve time from 4 hours to twenty minutes and added a higher degree of certainty to each job's profitability.

Contact: Jim Croke 800-641-5387

CA Tower Associates Rowley, MA
Excel Programmer

Took over an existing Access application to handle demographic analysis of stores in large food chains in New England. The data is imported daily from Excel spreadsheets, massaged, then exported to Excel and ascii text files. Heavy use of Object Model Integration between Excel and Access.

Contact: Cheryl Tower 978-891-3915

Maximus Hartford, CT, (also NY)
Excel Programmer/Consultant
Dec 2006 - Now

Maximus is a substantial IT consulting firm serving primarily the government sector. As part of their team working for the State of Connecticut's Department of Social Services (DSS), I created a program in Access 2003 to replace a large and intricate set of Excel spreadsheets that managed Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) as well as Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF).

There are 12 Agencies involved in this within the Connecticut DSS with names such as Dept. of Children and Families, Dept. of Corrections, Dept of Labor, Judicial, Office of State Treasurer, and so on. Each has many programs and subprograms and are served by many providers. The need was to unify all this data and allow systematic quarterly imports of data from many sources to replace all the manual spreadsheet manipulations that went on before.

An additional task was to create complex Access forms that allocate monies from various funding streams to these programs and then estimate what would be required for the following fiscal year. The program also distills all the actual distributions into two formal annual reports named ACF-196 (TANF) and ACF-696 (CCDF).

Contact: Rachelle Ussery 215-683-0415

Disetronics Sterile Products Portsmouth, NH
Excel Programmer
Mar 2007 - Now

Disetronic is a subsidiary of Hoffmann LaRoche. In a clean-room environment, they manufacture clinical devices, especially insulin pumps for diabetics. They had a pressing need to improve the tracking of numbered worklots to track the entire manufacturing cycle. We divided the4 work into two major tasks: Warehousing and Production.

As Einstein once said about hypotheses, "Make it as simple as possible, but no simpler."Before doing any coding, we spent the first week just designing the data schema needed to support both sides of their world. With this careful analysis, we were able to do the job with a minimal number of tables. The schema was reduced to a core set named tblLotMaster, tblWarehouse, tblItemMaster, tblSuppliers, tblTransactionLog, and just a few other lookup tables. .

Contact: Glen Stadig 603-427-5511 Ext 227

Accurate Brazing, Inc, Goffstown, NH
Excel Programmer and Consultant
Oct 2006 - Now

Bud had created a very extensive set of operational and financial programs in Access 95. Deployed on 15 PCs throughout the plant, the code was getting severely out of shape because of the variety of operating systems and hardware that it was being asked to run on. It was overdue for an upgrade. Using my offsite lab, I upgraded 4 front-ends plus 4 back-end .mdbs all the way to Access 2003 with no intermediate versions. As is typical, the data went through this process fine, but there were severe anomalies (reported as VBA corruptions) with the Forms and Reports modules. With care and singling out the bad actors for special treatment, the whole set of programs was put into production within three weeks from start.

PAX World Funds, Portsmouth, NH, (also Maine, NY)
Visual Basic/Excel Programmer
Jun 2006 - Aug 2006 and
Jul 2003 - Dec 2003

This major mutual fund company hired me to finish the work started by a previous Access database programmer. The program tracks commissions owed to brokers all across the country on all kinds of mutual fund transactions. A quarterly import of data is required and I automated this to make life easy for the administrator (Michelle). I later took on Access projects in several other departments including a critical one, Social Screening that is the core of the firm's specialty,. PAX continues to use me for general database support.

ProTracker Software, Hampton, NH
Visual Basic.NET ASP.NET Programmer and Consultant
Contact: Warren Mackensen 603-926-8085
Jul 2004 - Oct 2004

This specialized software is marketed nationwide to Certified Financial Planning (CFP) firms. The owner, Warren has an excellent reputation, being a recognized "guru" in the industry and a frequent speaker at conventions. I worked on the internal database issues as well as a significant amount of work on the DotNet ECommerce web site the ProTracker uses to market the product. This included downloading data from a web service, working with common dotnet server controls, linking to the data on a remote SQL Server, and plenty of old-fashioned HTML coding.

Contact: Molly Mahoney 800-767-1729 Ext 19

UNITIL Corp, Hampton, NH
Excel Programmer and Analyst
May 2004 - Jun 2006

Unitil Corporation is a public utility holding company supplying gas and electric services. I took up where a previous programmer left off in a complex Access program This is designed to track the monetary benefits of users who voluntarily upgrade their residential or commercial energy equipment. This program handles frequent vendor data imports in a wide variety of formats, from Excel spreadsheet, ascii (.txt), Access (.mdb), and dbase IV (.dbf). The vendors as well as the users of the equipment are tracked and energy savings are calculated in this program.

Contact: Cindy Carroll 603-773-6532

Fisher Scientific World Headquarters, Hampton, NH
Excel Programmer and Consultant
Dec 2003 - Jun 2004

Fisher had a bunch of databases containing the results of multiple Quarterly Customer Satisfaction Surveys. They needed a programmer to unify this data so it could be properly queried and reported on and so information across quarters and across divisions would make sense. I have merged all data into one set of normalized tables and am proceeding to rewrite all queries and reports to address the new schema. We are doing this in such a way that an eventual merge of this "seed" data will easily transform into a full CRM system by means of migration into a Siebel ODS (Operational Data Store). Contact: Dierdre Sommerkamp 603-929-2517

Strafford County Dover, NH
Excel Programmer Developer
Oct 2003 - Feb 2004

A new mandate in the State of New Hampshire requires all agencies (>300) to begin reporting all pension payroll deductions and related information for all state employees via a file in XML format. Strafford County has 310 employees to report on and the resulting XML rendition is over 4000 lines long. Roger located me from a web search and I did the job using a combination of Excel, Access, and VBA.
It turns out that we were the only ones to get our file validated within the deadline. All other agencies used the fallback approach of fixed width ascii or CSV or they begged for more time.

Contact: Roger Smith 603-742-1348; Diane Legere 603-659-6415

Tyco International Exeter, NH, Portland, Maine
Excel Programmer (Office 2002)
May 2003 - Jun 2003

A local programming house named Compass Systems and Programming created an Employee Performance program in Access that is deployed at 100 worldwide regions. There were two very different versions, one for upper management and one for everyone else. I merged the two code bodies and reproduced all the pre-existing functionality.

Just for fun, I changed some employees names and ids and published a subset of the data to our password protected .NET website in an editable datagrid. I did this to demonstrate our skills with DotNet and to show the value of centralized, up-to-date, and secure data. Currently, like so many others, Tyco exchanges data between regions via EMail attachment of Excel spreadsheets.

Contact: Jeff Kovach 603-778-9090

State of NH - Dept of Education, Concord, NH
Excel Programmer Consultant
Jan, 2000 to Jul 2001

The DOE of NH needed an Excel Programmer with database skills to develop a brand new program to deal with a complex new tracking system mandated by the Federal Dept. of Labor. This legislation that created this national system was the Work Incentive Act (WIA) so that is what we named the State of NH response to it. My program tracks out of work participants and a myriad of details about them while they are involved in Job Training and other educational programs to improve their employability. Many business rules and extensive exporting and reporting at the state and federal level. Periodically transmitted the NH data in formatted records of over 3000 bytes to Dept. of Labor main database which collects data for all the states.

...and many other database programming projects going back into the mid 1990s.
Contact: Bonnie St. Jean 603-271-3805

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